I’m A Fraud, Why Am I Even Here

Close-up of a cross necklace worn by a man in a black t-shirt.

Hanging around a frat boy’s neck is not as fun as you’d think.

Every day I wake up knowing I’m a disappointment to my family. I’ve been drenched in alcohol, gotten secondhand high, and even touched a breast, despite me and my owner being unmarried.

I’ve watched my owner put his penis in so many places, few of them women, of course, as he has no game. I’m a failure. I couldn’t succeed at keeping it in his pants.

When I was sent on my mission, I thought maybe I’d be with a pre-med student or worst-case scenario an art student. But a frat boy?! The Lord hath really tested me with this one.

It has gotten to the point where I have written home asking for my own cross necklace. I fear I am too weak and this frat boy will lead me astray. To any other cross necklaces who have struggled with owners such as mine, give me strength to get through this.

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