Neighborhood Busybody Making Whole Big Thing Over One Little Gallon Of Blood On Sidewalk

Others in the area dismissed the sight as “shit happens.”

New Jersey HOA representative Kathy McDonald sparked discourse in her community this past weekend with what one neighbor is calling “a completely disproportionate and totally crazy reaction” to what another referred to as “not even that much blood on the sidewalk.”

“Look, she’s out of her mind, okay?” said neighbor Brett Meddlen. “It’s obviously nothing. I mean, it’s what, maybe a gallon, two gallons of blood on the pavement? Three if we’re being generous. I can’t think of any reason why she should be freaking out like this. She’s a complete busybody – totally nosy about the most trivial matters of other people’s business like this.”

“It was so, so much blood,” McDonald remarked, hands shaking and eyes glazed over looking into the distance. “Dear God, so much blood. I, I don’t know what could have happened. Whose blood could that have been? You couldn’t lose that much blood and survive. I can’t sleep at night, I keep replaying it washing down the sidewalk,” she continued through tears. “But when I asked Brett, he rolled his eyes and started going on asking if I was seriously going to get the whole HOA involved over something so small.”

“Okay, Karen,” Meddlen’s roommate remarked, laughing. “Keep droning on and on with your nosy little snooping act. Consider staying in your own lane for once – nobody likes the HOA. Besides, you don’t even know if it’s human!”

At press time, Meddlen was seen posting a “NOSY KAREN OWNED” video to Youtube and polishing a ceremonial dagger.

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