Obituary: Engineering Student’s Morals

A smiling woman wearing a blue hardhat and orange safety vest holds a piece of equipment

Engineering sophomore Talia Lawrence’s morals, age 19, sadly departed last Tuesday following her attendance of The College of Engineering’s annual career fair. Talia’s previously unwavering ethical compass is survived by a 2019 Earth Day Instagram post, a line on her Linkedin profile detailing volunteer work benefiting Syrian refugees, and her parent’s fond memories of her innocent childhood.

These ideals, which encouraged Talia to participate in local river cleanups and clothing drives for war-affected asylum seekers, will be deeply missed by all who knew them. Although Lawrence had been nurturing this moral code since her formative years, it was, unfortunately, no match for the internship opportunities provided by BP, Consumer Energy, Raytheon Missile Technologies, or Lockheed Martin.

A small ceremony will be held at the Duderstadt Center this coming Thursday as Talia meets with recruiters from Haliburton and Dow Chemical to interview for their petroleum engineering summer internship.

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