Recipe Video Commenter Curious If Recipe Would Still Work With Peruvian Garlic Paste In Lieu of Flour

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An additional commenter questioned whether Bunchen’s salad recipe could be made “without croutons.”

Oregon chef and TikTok creator Dana Bunchen was surprised to see a comment on her most recent recipe video inquiring as to whether her cinnamon raisin muffin recipe would still work with Peruvian garlic paste in lieu of flour.

Bunchen remarked, “you get these kinds of comments all the time in this game, asking the most obvious questions, as if they’ve never had a moment to practice critical thinking skills in their lives. ‘Can I use limes instead of lemons in this lemonade?’ ‘Would this work with 60% dark chocolate instead of 65% dark chocolate?’ ‘Do you think this salmon recipe would work if I used himalayan pink salt instead of table salt to season it?’ I mean, it’s exhausting, but this? No, never seen anything like this.”

“Just wondering,” commented TikTok user User544734796718280, “would this muffin recipe work if I used Peruvian garlic paste instead of flour? My nana is coming into town, and she loves raisins, and everyone knows how much I love muffins, so I thought this recipe would be perfect to make her. Problem is, I’ve recently come to acquire an industrial quantity of Peruvian garlic paste for reasons that aren’t important and desperately need to use it. Could I make that simple swap and still get the exact same end result? Thank you so much! Love your content!!!!”

The comment, which got 7 likes and 1 reply of “^^,” left Bunchen confused. “I mean, what do you say to that? Part of me is concerned for him, but a bigger part of me wants to let him just run with it.”

At press time, Bunchen was seen scrambling to answer seven comments asking if they could still make her Thai peanut sauce recipe if they had a peanut allergy.

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