Report: Vacuums Have Killed More Spiders Than Sharks Have

A mini-vacuum in a living room
Cars driven by sharks, however, are disproportionately likely to be involved

A new analytic report at Harvard University has revealed vacuums have killed more spiders than sharks have killed spiders.

Head analyst of the project John Gordinare announced that the goal of the study was to help spiders who have a fear of sharks by showing how few of them are actually killed by sharks.

Gordinare reports, “For a while analysts have been releasing all sorts of data for humans about things that are more likely to kill us than sharks, but they are forgetting about other species that may have the same fear. Spiders are a great example of this. Spiders are afraid of sharks even though they are roughly one billion times more likely to be killed by a vacuum.”

The report itself also mentions a goal to decrease the villainization of both sharks and spiders. The aim is to accomplish this by showing that spiders are capable of fear eliciting human empathy, and that sharks rarely kill spiders to decrease a fear of them. 

At press time, PETA had started a worldwide promotion of Gordinare’s study.

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