This Is Just Like Hogwarts!

A student with a yellow backpack is attacked by a Hippogriff in the Law Quad

College is such a wonderful place full of joy and whimsy. Every time I walk through the Law Quad I can’t help but think how much this place reminds me of the magic of Hogwarts. The architecture, the ambiance, the students getting violently maimed by Hippogriffs.

It’s just so cute, so quaint. I love going with my friends to get bubble tea on State Street and pretending I just went to Hogsmeade for a butterbeer, only to watch one of them get swallowed in one bite by a horse-eagle hybrid. We even joined the Hippogriff Feeding Club! It’s so cute watching them devour a cat like it’s a Tic Tac. Plus they get sooooo chunky around this time of year. It’s like…oh my god, I feel just like Harry right now, minus the bangs of course.

Harry Potter was like the last book I’ve read in a while, so it feels like I’m connecting with my inner child again. The football games are kinda like Quidditch, especially because the rules make no sense, and every time I go to North Quad and read a sad text from my mom I feel just like Ron sitting in the Great Hall. The girl that lives across the hall from me also looks exactly like Luna Lovegood, too. Life imitates art, I guess.

I can’t wait to go to the Arb and search for Mandrakes.

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