We Contacted Kurt Cobain With A Ouija Board And All He Kept Saying Was That The Blind Pig Was His Favorite Music Venue

A side-by-side of Kurt Cobain and a Ouija board.

Despite being dead for almost 30 years, Kurt Cobain has released a new statement for his fans. The Nirvana frontman famously avoided most interviews, so meeting him on the astral plane was an amazing experience. We had so many questions about his music, his death, and his legacy, but he only wanted to discuss one topic: The Blind Pig. 

After confirming that it was him, we asked about performing live, to which he replied: “BLINDPIGFAVRITEVENUE”. The legendary grunge trio enjoyed performing at the Ann Arbor venue, a fact that concertgoers and musicians will never let you forget. 

Every other question from that point forward was redirected back to the Blind Pig. When asked about his untimely death, his only regret was not performing in Ann Arbor more. One new piece of information we received was on his favorite musicians that have come out since he passed away. He said Ann Arbor country-grunge band “LUNA PIER” and when we asked why, he said “THEYPERFORMD SMELLLIKETEENSPIRIT AT BLINDPIG ONE TIME”.

Kurt was last seen playing basketball with Kobe in heaven.

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