Computer Science Passion Project Crumbles To Pieces After Grandma Asks What An App Is

A grandma using a cell phone.
Later reports indicate that now upon opening the app, users are simply met with a GIF of Jimmy Fallon crying.

Computer Science senior Theresa Quentin recently had her passion project of four years “crushed” after her grandmother, Andrea, asked her what an app is.

Quentin has reportedly spent the better part of four years honing her skills in various coding languages, culminating in a capstone project in which she uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques in order to solve users’ most pressing issues. When asked for a comment, her grandmother, Andrea Quentin, responded, “that’s great, honey. What’s an app?”

“I was really thinking this app could be the next Facebook,” reported Quentin, “but that setback from Grandma was a blow I couldn’t recover from.”

Sources have reported that Quentin’s promising 3000-user mobile application has ceased development and been plagued by bugs in the days since Andrea’s comment. “I don’t know what’s going on with this thing,” commented one user, “but it seems like the developers have really given up.”

Quentin was last seen considering a switch into the Philosophy department, pondering the question: “what IS an app?”

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