Drunk Student Accidentally Becomes UofM’s Foremost Climate Activist After Throwing Up In Museum Of Art

A young climate activist defacing art with her vomit.
Bystanders assumed that Bingworthy was raising awareness of the Impressionists’ ties to the fossil fuel industry.

A student has been recently named UofM’s foremost climate activist after throwing up in the Museum of Art and defacing a number of artworks.

Staff at the University of Michigan Museum of Art opened early on a Friday to many of the museum’s prominent art exhibitions being completely splattered with projectile vomit.

The culprit was discovered to be UofM student Melissa Bingworthy, who denies the allegations that this had been a malicious attack on her part. “I certainly couldn’t stomach the thought that we as a country are not doing enough to combat climate change,” Melissa said, “but that has nothing to do with the fact that I was really hungover on Thursday night.”

UofM’s climate activism organizations have taken advantage of the scandal. “We’re thinking of starting an initiative to hand out free beer outside every museum on campus,” said one member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. “It’ll be a great way to get the whole community involved in stopping climate change.”

The news of Melissa’s bold and accidental style of activism has spread throughout the country, inspiring a number of copy-cat defacements of publicly displayed art across the country. Greta Thunberg has also endorsed this method of raising awareness on Twitter, calling it “a remarkable display of the power of the young generation.”

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