Friend Of Victim Assumed They Were “ Taking A Midday Jeans Nap”

A woman laying down on a couch.
Rickman also claims Mickles is an “eyes open, mouth agape” sleeper, which only furthered the confusion.

After the death of sophomore Saige Mickles last Friday, police turned to question the victim’s friends and family, one of whom was LSA junior Olivia Rickman, who believed Mickles was taking a “midday jeans nap.”

“It’s when you come back from class to lay down for a bit and then wake up four hours later still in your jeans and bra. Bonus points if you still have an AirPod in,” says Rickman who later admitted to walking in on the corpse but left because “[Mickles] looked so peaceful I didn’t want to wake her up.”

Further examination of the autopsy showed that Saige did not pass peacefully. The victim was stabbed multiple times with blood reportedly covering the walls, furniture, and floor. Her final pose was face down on the living couch with the show Chicago Fire still playing.

“To be honest, she was always kind of a slob, so I didn’t really question anything. It’s such a classic Saige move to, like, leave a sink full of dishes or the whole house covered in blood or whatever.”

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