I’m So Much More Than A “Nepotism Baby”

A carton of fries, two cups of ketchup, and two Wendy's burgers sit on a tray.

Okay, okay, I know what it looks like. You know who my grandpa was, and you see what I’m doing, and I get it, it looks like I have some special privilege. But I swear, I’m different! I worked hard for these.

I still had to work just as hard as all of you to get these $1 fries from Wendy’s. It’s not easy to be in my shoes, either, and I think that if you knew that, you’d treat me differently.

My parents actually didn’t give me a cent. I had to scrape up some savings and pay my way to this medium fry, just like everyone else.

I hope in the future I won’t be defined by where I come from, but for how far I go. For example, I’m racking up hella points on the Wendy’s app, and plan to open an account on the McDonald’s app soon.

I just hope you can look past my family history and appreciate me for who I am– an enjoyer of the best fries on the planet.

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