Mom Swears She Ran Christmas Card Photo By You

Siblings sharing a two-person Christmas sweater. One is a lot happier than the other.
Reports also indicate that Stafford has been greatly overexaggerating the achievements of her children on Christmas cards to better the family’s public image.

After sending out an embarrassing photograph of her two children in her annual family Christmas card, Charlotte Stafford claimed that she cleared that decision with them before sending.

The photograph, which includes the two Stafford children in a two-person Christmas sweater, has been described by Charlotte Stafford as “cute” and even “charming,” while youngest child Jeffrey Stafford has been quoted saying “I look like I haven’t slept in five days in that photo.”

Stafford’s mother has “sworn up and down” that she sent the photo in question to the family group chat for approval, despite being unable to produce any evidence to that effect because “you know how I am with technology.”

“She says they’re no worse than the ones she puts of us on Facebook,” commented Jeffrey, “but I had no idea she was posting pictures of us on Facebook. Now I have to go and vet those, too.”

The Stafford childrens’ friends have reportedly all seen the “humiliating” photo, and the most recent reports indicate that the photo is already the pinned photo of four group chats and Jeffrey’s contact picture in at least five phones.

At press time, a tipsy Charlotte Stafford was seen stuffing a snarling Chester Stafford, the family corgi, into a festive-themed Christmas sweater.

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