Stamps To Rename “Drawing For Non-Majors” To “Drawing For Sellouts”

A screenshot of the LSA course guide page for Drawing for Sellouts.
Ross is reportedly considering renaming “Accounting for Non-Majors” to “Accounting for Geeds.”

Faculty at the Stamps School of Art and Design have announced their executive decision to rename their popular “For Non-Majors” classes to “For Sellouts.”

According to their statement, “ARTDES 170-176, which includes ‘Drawing for Non-Majors,’ ‘Watercolor for Non-Majors,’ and ‘Graphic Design for Non-Majors’ have all been renamed to adequately represent the bootlicking nature of the students who take them.”

“We really just wanted to let these non-major students know that they are simply less than the average STAMPS student in every way,” reported Carlos Jackson, Dean of U-M Stamps. “They need to know that their business and engineering and English majors are, in effect, turning them into sellouts.”

“I’m getting ripped to pieces by people who keep telling me I’m a monster for not committing 100% to my artistic passions,” reports history major Ben DeAngelo. “I just needed the creative expression credit.”

At press time, DeAngelo was seen switching his major on Wolverine Access to avoid being spit on by art professors.

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