Tiny Home Couple Reveals Not-So-Tiny Divorce Settlement

Couple next to tiny house
The couple is reportedly excited to no longer have to use the bathroom ten feet away from their spouse.

Couple Jamie and Maggie McDougal, famous for posting on social media about their fun-sized adventures, shared the unfortunate news this past weekend that they would be filing for a larger-than-most divorce.

The couple, hailing from Burlington, Vermont, originally started their tiny home journey after the government seized their downtown apartment. “It was tragic,” admitted Jamie McDougal in an emotional recounting. “I mean, everyone embezzles money, especially at accounting firms. So what if I took a couple hundred thousand?”

“Luckily, I had a friend who had this cozy, metal casita behind their lovely ranch-style home!” explained Maggie McDougal. “Though it took a bit to remove the gardening tools and cobwebs, we immediately fell in love with our little house.”

The couple quickly amassed fans after creating the joint social media account ‘JaMLife’ where they posted about daily life in their miniscule kitchen, infinitesimal living room, and shared twin-XL bed. Unfortunately, though things seemed great on the outside, relationship troubles began to arise.

“They were definitely in love at first, but things seemed to get rough after they realized they’d be spending every day together,” admitted friend and landlord Hallie Shed. “They’d always come inside to complain how the other talked and breathed, so it couldn’t be long before they’d sign the divorce papers.”

Reports say that Jamie McDougal, after alleged further embezzlement, plans to move to an even tinier, more compact temporary home in a state prison.

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