Mason Hall Distant Cousin Of Bryce Hall

The Mason Hall sign with fluffy brown hair wearing a chain.
After the news, it was reported that Good Time Charley’s was actually named after Charli D’Amelio.

A recent report from TikTok user @hypehouseupdates has revealed that Michigan’s own Mason Hall is a distant relative of TikTok star Bryce Hall. 

The TikTok video, which begins with a robotic voice saying, “Here are eight facts you might not know about Bryce Hall,” explains that “though one is a hot, human TikTok boy and one is a large, brick campus building at the University of Michigan, Mason and Bryce actually share a grandfather.” 

“I’m shocked people didn’t realize this before,” said Mason Hall when reached for comment. “People refer to my building as MATH Hall– it’s like they didn’t realize that acronym stood for ‘Mason, Angell, Tisch, Hype House.” 

“A lot of people are saying they don’t see the resemblance,” Hall continued. “Bryce was actually adopted. He comes from a long line of fine Hall men– East, Weiser, Tappan– who are really proud of all the success he’s found, even though he didn’t follow the family tradition of being a university building.” 

At press time, Mason Hall was reportedly seen trying to undo its foundations in order to film a dance video.

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