Professor Copy And Pastes Plagiarism Policy Onto Syllabus

professor lecturing at a blackboard
Students also noticed that Professor Iglesias’s slides are all dated to 2013.

Latin professor Amadeus Iglesias reportedly copy-pasted a previous professor’s academic dishonesty policy onto his own class syllabus.

After claiming to have a “zero- tolerance” policy regarding plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty, Iglesias was reportedly caught contradicting himself by a student who had class with the last professor. “He stole that shit word for word, bar for bar,” said sophomore Latin major Mable Sawyer. “It was so easy to tell—he didn’t even change the signature at the end of the syllabus.”

One student reportedly pasted Iglesias’s syllabus into, resulting in an 80% plagiarism score. Many other students were reportedly dismayed to learn of their professor’s hypocrisy in all contexts, including his no-eating policy. “He brought in cupcakes on the first day of class but said everyone had to adhere to his classroom policy,” said LSA sophomore Landry Tall. “He ate them all himself.”

According to the syllabus, Iglesias is required to report any and all academic dishonesty to the dean for academic investigation, so many students in the class are reportedly petitioning against the professor, citing claims of hypocrisy.

“I’m not leaving,” said Iglesias. “I heard that once in a movie and have wanted to say it since. I forget which movie it’s from though—not that it’s important.”

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