Ulrich’s Closure Lamented By Students Who Never Stepped Foot Inside

Ulrich's on South University in Ann Arbor, Michigan
“It’s so upsetting to see a local business close like that,” reported students who hadn’t read a book in three years, let alone a textbook.

Students on campus are in an uproar following the closure of Ulrich’s Bookstore, which had been a staple of South University Avenue for 88 years. Although reports show the majority of these students were unaware of the store’s existence before its closure was announced, they now lament the loss of their “favorite spot on campus.”

Economics junior Lisa King said, “I think it’s so cute how they sold paper textbooks in a real store – it was just like LibGen but worse for the environment.” However, she made sure to emphasize that she “absolutely loved their vibe” and “could not understand why they went out of business.”

Sociology sophomore Ava Bunning described the bookstore as “like a library but capitalism-core” and “a perfect place to take artsy, retro photos for her Instagram feed.”

Alumnus Dale Henderson said what he would miss most about Ulrich’s was how nicely it fit in amongst the South U bars: “Ulrich’s was always my favorite place to smash a couple beers. The only annoying part was when the bartender would try to sell you used physics textbooks.

At press time, King, Bunning, and dozens of other “fashionable” students were seen lining up for a vintage pop-up store, where they could “buy used clothes for as little as three times more than what they cost at the thrift store.

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