“80 For Brady” Revealed As PR Move To Show Gronk Can Read, Memorize Things

Tom Brady is reportedly considering pursuing acting in an effort to avoid his family for another five years.

In press for the recent film “80 for Brady,” it has been revealed that the production was “only a PR stunt” to demonstrate that Rob Gronkowski can still read and memorize things. 

“We’re very proud of Gronk and his performance,” said NFL PR representative Tara Polley. “Despite suspicions following numerous concussions, Gronk showed up to set ready to have his lines broken down to him by someone who we dressed up to look like a football coach. I truly have to agree with his claim that he ‘fixed’ his CTE.”

Gronkowski reportedly had his “own special script,” which included emojis to give him guidance on his facial expressions, as well as a “special shooting schedule,” which included breaks for him to run around. 

“He only improvised three or four times,” said co-star Jane Fonda. “We got a heads-up, though, because he would say ‘yes, and’ anytime he would come up with a line on the spot.” 

Though his screentime totaled less than a minute, those close to Gronkowski have been calling his brief cameo a “great achievement” for his current level of literacy and attention. 

At press time, Gronk was seen cheering for himself on screen at the film’s premiere.

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