Barbara Corcoran Exchanges $14 For Tasty Meatball Sub In Shocking “Shark Tank” First

Unfortunately, Corcoran was unable to successfully negotiate 3% equity in a bag of chips and large fountain drink.

In a shocking first for the long-running reality TV series “Shark Tank,” shark Barbara Corcoran has exchanged $14 for 100% equity in what reports are calling a “tasty” meatball sub. 

Though fellow entrepreneurs Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner went in together on an offer to split the sub for $18, Corcoran sweetened the deal by agreeing to take the banana peppers off the sandwich and highlighting her previous experience with both veggie and Italian subs. 

“I love the product but I needed an answer to my offer right away. I’m hungry,” said Kevin O’Leary aka “Mr. Wonderful.” “For that reason, I’m out.” 

The product was pitched by a young entrepreneur who some sources are describing as a “Subway delivery guy who got lost in the studio.” 

“He knew a lot about his business. He had all the numbers down,” said Greiner of the guest. 

Cuban allegedly asked to see the company’s research, to which he was handed a take-out menu in response.

At press time, a “where are they now” segment was highlighting Barbara and her sandwich, which she ate in her car after shooting wrapped for the day.

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