Famous Birthdays Deems Flex Seal Guy More Popular Than Nelson Mandela

A man in a denim shirt holds up a can of liquid Flex Seal.
Marley of ‘Marley and Me’ was reportedly ranked higher than Albert Einstein.

The popular website Famous Birthdays, dedicated to cataloging celebrity birthdays, has regarded the Flex Seal spokesman, Phil Swift, as a “more popular” figure than Nelson Mandela.

After years of deadlock, Swift has edged out the activist and former South African president for the number one spot on their shared birthday, July 18. “Look, it’s not a popularity contest,” said Swift. “I’m just happy I’m being recognized for my work. Some call me brave, some call me heroic, either way, I’m an inspiration.”

Before his passing in 2013, Mandela, who was pivotal in ending the apartheid regime in the 1990s and was the country’s first black head of state, was an adamant Famous Birthdays supporter. “It’s a privilege to be the number-one ranked person on July 18th,” said Mandela. “I’ve won over 260 awards in my lifetime, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, but this has undoubtedly been my highest honor.”

Ten years later, Mandela’s popularity ranking has declined significantly, prompting Swift’s promotion. “Not many people know that I actually invented Flex Seal,” said Swift. “I’m also the CEO, but I don’t hear anyone talking about that.”

At press time, Swift’s French Bulldog, Tater Tot, ousted Mandela for the number two spot.

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