Girl Discovers That Her Six-Month Exclusive Situationship Is Actually Her Boyfriend

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McArthur was also reportedly shocked after Lewis attempted to hold her hand in public.

On Tuesday, LSA sophomore Alexis McArthur was stunned after learning that Ross junior James Lewis, the guy she has been in a “six-month exclusive situationship” with, is actually her boyfriend.

“I don’t understand,” McArthur lamented as she carefully folded and put away Lewis’ freshly washed laundry into his designated drawer in her apartment, “I didn’t realize we had a label. I thought it was a lot less serious, you know?”

As sources confirmed, McArthur originally learned about the true status of her relationship after a late night conversation with her roommate, who made an offhand comment about how sweet it was that Lewis dropped off a bouquet of flowers earlier that day “just because,” and that McArthur might “have the sweetest boyfriend ever.”

Reluctant to the new label, McArthur did her best to stand her ground, right before booking a flight for a spring break vacation with Lewis’ family over spring break.

“I’m not upset or anything,” said McArthur, simultaneously texting happy birthday to Lewis’ mom, Renee (with whom she is allegedly on a first-name basis). “I just wish someone had told me sooner. It sucks being the last to find out this kind of stuff.”

At press time, McArthur was seen hesitantly updating her Facebook status to “In A Relationship.”

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