“I’m Just Smarter At Grammar,” Says Freshman English Major While Uninstalling Grammarly Extension

Uninstalling grammarly off of a computer
Lovell reportedly gave his peers three emojis describing the tone of their writing in a workshop session.

After successfully completing English 125 with a B+, intended English major Dan Lovell has uninstalled the Grammarly extension from his MacBook Air.

Lovell claimed that the online writing assistant is “clearly not advanced enough for college-educated writers like [himself].” “My friends and me loved Grammarly in high school, but after taking English 125 with a highly-qualified GSI, I knew I had no more use for it,” said Lovell. He added, “For example, Grammarly doesn’t know the difference between active and passive voice, but ever since passive voice was taught to me by my GSI, passive voice has been removed from my writing by me in a way Grammarly couldn’t.”

Lovell also took issue with Grammarly’s affinity for the Oxford comma: “Don’t they know I go to Michigan University and not Oxford University? I find it annoying and demeaning and alienating how they keep pushing that British propaganda on us.”

“Maybe if I was a computer science major Grammarly would of been useful for me, but even then, if you’re at the University of Michigan, you should know the fundamentalest grammar,” Lovell said.

When asked about Lovell’s performance in her class, 23-year-old PhD student Stacey Jones noted that, despite his rejection of Grammarly, he was “aggressively fond of ChatGPT’s grammatical style in his essays.”

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