Taylor Swift Choosing To Walk From Concert To Concert Instead Of Taking Private Jet

Taylor swift walks wearing a black top and skirt and carries a pink handbag
Swift will reportedly make the journey barefoot to “get more in touch with the Earth.”

Following pressure from environmental activists, pop music icon Taylor Swift has vowed to walk to every one of her concerts from now on.

Swift has been widely criticized for her use of a private jet to travel, when taking a commercial airline is a more environmentally-conscious option. The “Shake It Off ” singer is reportedly already on her way to her show in Las Vegas next month.

In an Instagram post, the pop star said that she “hear[s] the voices telling [her] to travel with the environment in mind” and that she “will commit to working hard to protect our planet.” Sources confirm that Swift immediately deleted Instagram and severed all ties to technology.

Sources familiar with Swift’s plans claim that her upcoming tour will feature “as many environmentally conscious strategies as we are willing to pay for” and that on her walk to her next concert, Swift will be “collecting solar panels as she goes.”

Swift had allegedly considered traveling to her concerts on horseback, but scrapped those plans after condemnation from PETA.

When asked if she would be swimming to her upcoming international dates, Swift replied “Of course not. I’ll be traveling by rowboat.”

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