“Wouldn’t You Like to Know”

What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening? Wanna know the answer? Come on, you dirty little riddle slut. Take a crack at it!

What do you mean you want me to tell you? The whole point of a riddle is to guess the answer. Just go for it. The world is your oyster.

A table? Not quite. A chair? Um, no. A cloud? What are you even talking about? You’re not very good at riddles, are you?

The answer is a person. Get it? It’s because they crawl as a baby, walk as an adult, and use a cane when they’re old. What do you mean that’s dumb? I gave you more than enough information to figure it out.

Fine. You know what is dumb? You. You’re dumb. You’re so dumb that you couldn’t solve one silly little logic problem, and now neither of us are happy.  

I’m not even in a riddling mood anymore. In all my years as a riddler, you’re by far the worst riddlee I’ve ever riddled, and that’s including literal children. 

I may be leaving now, but I’ll be back. What disappears every day but returns bigger in the night? That’s right, me. Oh, well I guess ‘the moon’ works too. So you give a reasonable response now? As I’m giving my farewell speech? You’re actually the worst.

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