Area Swine Pours Red Wine Into White Wine Glass

A man pouring red wine into a glass.

It’s all around the neighborhood that a local fellow by the name of John Kernston poured Brunello di Montalcino into a Chardonnay glass at a soirée he attended at Mimsy St. Bellingham’s house last Saturday

The poor lad was seen skiving off all sense of manners and decorum he’d been raised with as he proceeded to make a mockery of the whole event. The chaps in attendance report that Kernston didn’t notice his slight until the evening had nearly come to an end. 

Further throwing a spanner in the works, as it were, the young man refused to apologize for dirtying dear Mimsy’s finest crystal. The old dear has gone on to say that Kernston made a similar error when he used a salad fork to eat caviar at a similar gathering. 

Kernston, if one can believe it, later addressed several dukes by the title “sir,” instead of “your grace,” and even made eye contact with one of the servants.

Several party guests later indicated that Kernston will not be invited to their events.

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