Spirit Airlines Forgets To Bring Planes Again

A jet bridge is seen with no plane at the end of it.
The airline reportedly offered all those affected by the cancellations a voucher for “a plane next time.”

Recently after JetBlue made headlines for canceling hundreds of flights, another airline is back in the news. Spirit Airlines is under attack after “forgetting to bring the planes” to numerous airports across the US.

“On behalf of Spirit Airlines, we are so sorry we have forgotten the planes for the third time this year,” said Edward M. Christie III, the CEO of Spirit Airlines. “Our automatic messaging system glitched and unfortunately did not send out a reminder to all Spirit personnel to take the planes where they needed to go. We are currently looking for a solution so that this mistake does not happen again.”

“Given I didn’t get the reminder from management yesterday to bring a plane, I took the last available seat on a Delta flight to get to my destination on time, said Spirit pilot John D. Barbara II. “You can imagine my frustration to learn that I was not only supposed to take a plane full of passengers to this destination with me, but I also needed that plane for the passengers leaving this destination.”

This is not the first time Spirit Airlines has been in the news for what customers are calling “such an embarrassing mistake.” This is the 65th time they have forgotten the airplanes. In addition to this, they have forgotten to assign pilots to flights 72 times. Of these 72 times, two planes have actually taken off without a pilot.

At press time, Spirit Airlines has allegedly still not refunded people for their canceled flights citing that they “hadn’t paid a plane fee so there was no guarantee there would be a plane.”

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