Ancient Wizard Lifts Curse Of Winter From City Of Ann Arbor; Festivities To Resume

Zerdwid reported that Chantwhisper’s curse has been lifted for “around the next four to five months.”

Meteorologists have confirmed that the recent temperate weather in Ann Arbor can be attributed to Zerdwid The Sumptuous lifting the curse placed upon the city by his evil, frigid brother, Chantwhisper The Creepy.

Following the lifting of the curse, students were spotted in the town square dancing merrily about while others slothfully lounged. Some plucked away at lutes while others took ample swigs of mead from ceramic tankards.

“Peace and warmth be upon ye, for I have freed this feudal kingdom from the wrath of Chantwhisper The Creepy,” said Zerdwid.

Chantwhisper, who had reigned over the Ann Arbor area for millennia, cursed the city with eternal winter following the loss of the Michigan Wolverines to the TCU Horned Frogs. Zerdwid was able to alleviate the woes of the township after the Board of Regents voted to lengthen winter break last month, bringing joy and leisure to the people of Michigan.

Zerdwid can be found in various bars on South U, in the event that grateful Ann Arbor residents and Michigan Students want to repay their debt by buying The Vernal One a mug of hearty ale.

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