Ann Arbor Officials Decide To Undo All That Shit They Just Did To State Street

Ann Arbor State Street construction
“Sike!” said Ann Arbor, additionally dismantling the interstate highway system.

Working crews have once again closed the busiest stretch of Ann Arbor’s State Street for construction after its recent reopening in November. Reports indicate that the crews are “undoing” all of the work done during the previous closure after Ann Arbor officials “changed their minds.”

“Please don’t be mad guys but I don’t really like it,” explained Ann Arbor Planning Department Head Susanne Marshall in a recent interview, “I mean, at first I thought State Street would look super cute and campy after the renovation but I just wasn’t in love with the final product.”

“I really hate to be an inconvenience but I really just think that this will really up the ‘Wow!’ factor,” claimed Marshall. She concluded her interview by explaining that the several-thousand-
dollar operation would include “trying out just a few other cute looks” for the primary road used to access downtown Ann Arbor.

In addition, City Council voted to tear down the new high rise going up on South University, in light of recent allegations that “the vibes are off.”

Some unsubstantiated reports have also alleged that the reversal of the changes made to State Street is due to the fact that Ann Arbor mayor Christopher Taylor “dropped his left
AirPod into the wet cement and really just wants it back.”

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