Commuter North About To Fuck Up Your Next Hour

UMich Commuter North
According to reports, Commuter South has also been known to fuck up your next hour, but in the other direction.

Last week, junior Micheal Thompson stepped onto Commuter North assuming he “would probably end up at the CCTC,” only to realize ten minutes later he had “no idea where the fuck [he] was.”

“I tried asking around but the bus only had engineering students and people who had just worked twelve hour hospital shifts, neither known for the best social skills.” reported Thompson. The bus was questionably full, but with shady characters.

“At a certain point people would get off the bus and just walk straight into the woods until they disappeared,” said Micheal, who was desperately scanning the horizon for civilization.

Things officially took a turn when the bus driver appeared to be making personal stops. “We drove into a neighborhood and picked up a little boy that I’m pretty sure was his son, which wasn’t that weird until we all drove to drop him off at little league practice.” Thompson reported that the son had forgotten his water bottle at home and the bus driver asked around if anyone was “willing to lend one” and “wouldn’t start the bus until someone offered.”

On the drive back, the driver announced that his AirPods had died and that he’d be listening to the “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” audiobook out loud.

Thompson finally gathered the courage to ask the driver if the bus would circle back to central campus, to which he responded “there is no way back, only north.”

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