Friend’s Band Changes Name From “We Got The Groove” To “Pegasus Suicide”

college grunge band
The band was considering further reconsidering renaming themselves “Going Back To Med School” after their success continued to dwindle.

According to reports, one campus band has rebranded their image and renamed their group from “We Got the Groove” to “Pegasus Suicide,” in hopes that it would better suit their new sound.

After weeks of covering ABBA songs in sweaty co-op basements, the band formerly known as “We Got the Groove” reportedly decided at their latest rehearsal that they needed a change.

“We need something that’s naturally edgy,” said drummer Kygo Jones. “I’m sick of the Ann Arbor District Library trying to book us for their events. We should be headlining Live Aid…or at least Live.”

The new name for the band reportedly came from a brainstorming session fueled by whippets and one band member’s dad’s company’s granola bars. “We were deciding between a few other names,” said lead singer, guitarist, and hamboner Jett Meloy. “’Jett and the Misdemeanors,’ ‘Yesterday’s Future Tomorrow,’ and ‘The Smashing Radioheads’ were all under consideration. Ultimately, there was no beating ‘Pegasus Suicide.’”

A leaked set list for the next show consists entirely of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and The Smiths.

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