UHS Wants You To Know You Are Caller Number Six In Line And That UHS Also Offers Nurse Advice By Phone Which May Save You A Trip To UHS

Later, when on the phone with his internet service provider, Benson was reportedly ecstatic to hear that "[his] call was important to [them]."

While on hold with University Health Services last Monday morning, Engineering junior Nate Benson was reportedly “bemused beyond words” when he discovered the clinic “also offers nurse advice by phone, which may save you a trip to UHS.”

Benson, who was calling under the most unseemly of circumstances, was teeming at the edge of his seat when he heard the news that he could “also speak to a nurse about self-care or seeking care.”

Little did Benson know, as sources report, that language interpretation was allegedly also available.

Apparently, upon learning this additional information, Benson was not only bemused but overjoyed at the audio interlude coming in between the automated message that he was now “caller number four in line.”

At press time, Benson was blessed to hear that he could simply inform the staff if he was interested in using the aforementioned services.

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