Angry Anxious Woman Flips Off Man In Discrete Manner

Maron reportedly thought of a long comeback after the incident occurred.

Cindy Maron, a waitress from New Hampshire, recently flipped off a man who cut in front of her in traffic. She allegedly did so under her steering wheel as she got scared that the man would “hunt her down and murder her whole family if he saw she flipped him off.”

“She has a history,” said Carol Batchy, a friend of Maron. “Cindy has always flipped people off discreetly because the only thing stronger than her anger issues is her anxiety.”

Batchy listed a variety of ways in which Maron has flipped people off discreetly in the past, including “flipping them off with her hand in her pocket, grabbing things by leading with the middle finger, pretending she’s cracking her middle finger.”

Maron reported that she has only ever flipped someone off non- discreetly once. She did so because they were “a child” and she believed she could “take em’ in a fight.”

At press time, Maron has been working on her anxiety through CBT and has slowly become more comfortable flipping people off more noticeably.

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