Baby Dancing Like He Good At It Or Something

Sources also called Wheithen’s first words “gibberish and incomprehensible.”

13-month-old Michael Wheithen Jr. garnered both views and criticism for his dance moves in a TikTok this past weekend as many dubbed the baby both “talentless” and “an attention whore.”

Kelsey Wheithen, Michael’s mother, claims that her son has expressed himself through dance since the day he was born. “Right after I gave birth to Michael, I was expecting typical baby shenanigans: crying and whatnot. So when he popped out flailing his arms and legs in a strange, concerning manner, you can imagine I was a bit embarrassed.”

Michael Jr. has continued this passion of dance, culminating in the wildly popular video from this past Sunday in which he spins in circles and waves his arms to the hit song “Levitating” by Dua Lipa ft. DaBaby. While the TikTok currently sits at 13.1 million views and 3.6 million likes, commenters reflected a more negative sentiment. The Wheithens opted to turn off the comment section of the video after a comment by user PythonWarrior115 reading “ugly baby can’t dance” reached 50k likes.

“I get babies haven’t formed kneecaps and have little-to-no control of their necks, but Michael is out of excuses,” admitted father Michael Wheithen. “He’s had thirteen months to practice different jigs and routines with nothing to show for it. Kelsey and I agreed it’d be best to just pull the plug and sign him up for soccer instead.”

At press time, when interviewers questioned Michael Jr. about his future non-dance endeavors, he reportedly remained silent and met their eyes with a blank, unblinking baby stare.

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