Hulu Fans Object To New Commercial Algorithm That Pairs Big Truck Commercials With Rom-Coms

Hulu executives explained that the algorithm would also be “throwing in one commercial in Spanish, just in case.”

In an effort to compete with other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu CEO Mark Matenhall claims that the company has developed a “high-tech” and “super accurate” commercial algorithm.

Area woman and frequent Hulu user Georgia Williams cast doubt upon the precision of the science. “During my late night rewatch of the infamous 1990 Rom-Com “Pretty Woman,” Julia Roberts’ super empowering monologue about self-worth was interrupted by the voice of a loud southern man talking about the ‘speed’ and ‘force’ of his truck. This abrasive ad completely threw me off. It was totally not the vibe.”

Matenhall explains that “Hulu’s algorithm is simply one of a kind. We don’t have the same amount of data as some of these other streaming services, so we were forced to improvise and innovate. The trick is that we play commercials based on who we think you are watching with. If we think your boyfriend is stuck watching that chick-flick with you, we will throw in an ESPN ad. It’s a way to keep viewer engagement up.”

Recognizing that friends, families, and couples who spend quality time together watching TV may have distinct viewing and commercial preferences, Hulu will soon release a Split Screen option so that two separate movies and ad reels can play at the same time. “We think this may even contribute to lowering the national divorce rate,” said Matenhall.

Eventually, “sick of the incessant off-putting ads,” William was last seen paying the extra $8 a month so that her Hulu account would not have commercials.

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