Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple Announces Carbon Neutral Child Labor By 2050

Due to international pressure from environmentalist groups, Apple Inc. has announced that they will transition to carbon-neutral child labor by 2050. A company infamous for its air pollution, Apple has previously been ostracized on the world stage...

An older woman in a bucket hat presses her face to a baby doll.

Alzheimer’s Grandma’s Super Secret Recipe

Ingredients:• 1 pair of reading glasses! Ha! • 1 large onion • 3 cloves of garlic • 12 sticks of butter • 1lb frozen dinosaur breast • 1 large onion • 3 cloves of garlic • 13 sticks of butter • Sunday’s contents from the weekly...

A thick-crusted pepperoni pizza sits on a baking sheet.

Recipe: Thin Crust Pizza Except The Crust Is Thick

Whenever I entertain guests, this oxymoronic pizza is maybe a crowd pleaser! My grandmother’s authentic Sicilian New York-style pizza is sure to have you asking, “What the hell is this?” The deliciously soft, crispy crust will leave guests...

Armie Hammer poses on a People's Choice Awards red carpet.

Armie Hammer Recipe

0 minute cook time, 1 year-long prep time Ingredients:• Woman Directions: • Get rich. • Then send strange cannibalistic messages to women online. • Finally, lure them into a cabin in the woods and eat them starting with the ribs.