A older woman holds up a bowl of food to the camera.

I’m So Glad You Want My Chicken Soup Recipe!
Your Judgemental Mother

Hi honey, I’m so happy that you want to make this! Though I suppose I could make it for you if you came home to visit more. Anyways, sweetie, bring a pot of water to a boil and add the bones of two rotisserie chickens that you’ve had in the...

Close-up of a cross necklace worn by a man in a black t-shirt.

I’m A Fraud, Why Am I Even Here
A Frat Boy’s Cross Necklace

Hanging around a frat boy’s neck is not as fun as you’d think. Every day I wake up knowing I’m a disappointment to my family. I’ve been drenched in alcohol, gotten secondhand high, and even touched a breast, despite me and my owner being...

A student with a yellow backpack is attacked by a Hippogriff in the Law Quad

This Is Just Like Hogwarts!
A Freshman Witnessing Law Quad, Hippogriff Attack

College is such a wonderful place full of joy and whimsy. Every time I walk through the Law Quad I can’t help but think how much this place reminds me of the magic of Hogwarts. The architecture, the ambiance, the students getting violently maimed...

A man facing the camera.

These Man-Made Horrors Are Perfectly Within My Comprehension
A Guy Who Will One Day Pay A Subscription Fee To Access A Hologram of His Dead Mom

Listen, these man-made horrors may be beyond your feeble comprehension, but I get it, actually. You’re just scared of scientific advancement. Welcome to the new digital Metaverse! Either get with the program or go out with the e-waste,...

A professor giving a lecture.

I’ve Searched High And Low 
A Professor That Settled On A $200 eBook Package

Believe me. I hear you. I have tried everything when it comes to homework for this class, and I have concluded that the best thing for us is a $200 online subscription.  What was that? Can you use a PDF of the book and buy the homework...