Some Grammar Notes Before I Go
Ethan Szlezinger

The Oxford Comma You will always use the Oxford Comma. There is never a reason not to use the Oxford Comma. It will always be used. If you do not use it, I will know. This is important. I will live on through the Oxford Comma. I would be happy to go...

I Was Only In It For The Gatekeeping
Tara Dorje

Like many, I discovered the University of Michigan’s esteemed satire publication entirely by accident. Desperate for escape from all the sex clubs I mistakenly signed up for at my freshman-year Festifall, by the second week of September 2016 I was...

I Thought This Was A Regular Newspaper
Kate Watkins

When I first joined this paper freshman year, I thought this was a reputable campus newspaper. Four years later, I’m finally told that all these stories are “not actually true,” and “are just using satire to poke fun at larger issues.”  I...

I Like Coffee. I Like Biking. I Like Comedy.
Sam Morse

I like to bike. I like to drink coffee. I like comedy. Here’s how to enjoy those things in Ann Arbor.  Coffee: I like coffee. Roos Roast is the best. Go to either the roasting plant on Rosewood or the E. Liberty location and order a Rich...