Michael Lovegrove

 COVID vaccine  5G real and verifiable  top secret government mind control.  Space lasers proven to be effective  forest fires.  Congress is a front  lizard people run the government.   Jet fuel can’t  just kidding. Or am I?  Every...

A woman uses a wireless controller to play a boxing game on a Nintendo Wii

Report: Mom Wants To Give Video Game A Spin

Witnesses confirm that Laura Jenkins, mother of 16-year-old Tommy Jenkins was quoted to have asked ifshe could “give that video game a spin.” Jenkins was seen poking her head around the corner numerous times as her son gave his...

Nature Reclaims Abandoned EPA Headquarters

Following Trump’s indefinite suspension of anti-pollution laws during the coronavirus outbreak, the abandoned EPA headquarters has reportedly been reclaimed by nature. As the nation remains quarantined at home and corporations have been given an...