Jeff Bezos riding unabashedly on the backs of a disgruntled intern

Bezos Optimizes Walking

In a press conference at Amazon headquarters, Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos announced the company’s newest technological investment, “Prime Steps™.” “‘Prime Steps™’ connects consumers in need of transportation services...

An outside view of Mason Hall

Student Org Settles For Mason Hall

After losing their usual meeting spot in North Quad due to a recent round of renovations, the university’s Football Watching Club has reportedly “settled for Mason Hall” as their location to watch the big game. “I tried looking for rooms in...


Michael Lovegrove

 COVID vaccine  5G real and verifiable  top secret government mind control.  Space lasers proven to be effective  forest fires.  Congress is a front  lizard people run the government.   Jet fuel can’t  just kidding. Or am I?  Every...

A woman uses a wireless controller to play a boxing game on a Nintendo Wii

Report: Mom Wants To Give Video Game A Spin

Witnesses confirm that Laura Jenkins, mother of 16-year-old Tommy Jenkins was quoted to have asked ifshe could “give that video game a spin.” Jenkins was seen poking her head around the corner numerous times as her son gave his...