Graduating Senior Reminisces About His Time With The Every Three Weekly (Senior Farewell: Alex King, Sourpuss-In-Chief)

CAMPUS – According to sources deep within himself, departing co-editor-in-chief Alex King has greatly enjoyed the three years he spent with the Every Three Weekly, even that one time when the printing company left a two-inch margin at the bottom of each issue and everyone was really upset. In a press release published in this sentence, he wrote that he is “sad to be departing” and “looks back on his time at the Every Three Weekly with great fondness, but realizes that all good things must come to an end.”

King joined Ann Arbor’s most venerable thrice-named newspaper in the fall of 2010, when he was a college sophomore from the wrong side of the tracks with no job, no prospects, and no sense of humor. Likely accepted as a result of a mailroom mix-up, he quickly failed to make his mark on the paper, aside from noting that the then-copy editor apparently did not know how to use that most obscure of all punctuation marks, the comma. Having made such a positive impression at his first staff meeting, King was demoted to copy editor himself, a position he held through the publimacation of this most recent isshoe.

King, whose three years working for the paper will likely be forgotten the moment you stop reading this, chose to apply for the position of associate editor at the end of his sophomore year. He was duly accepted, since as a living, breathing, English-speaking primate he met all the requirements for such a promotion. Thus began a year filled with laughter and tears, although the laughter was generally not his own.

In mid-2012, King was again promoted, this time to co-editor-in-chief. He shared the position with Kevin Binder, and by all accounts the partnership was a fruitful one, aside from those times when they had a fundamental disagreement about the nature of humor and Kevin was wrong and Alex was right. The 2012-2013 publication year, the Every Three Weekly’s fourteenth, was notable for the improved quality of each printed issue and a distinct lack of complaints received, at least until one undisciplined editor handing out issues on the Diag called a reluctant passerby “illiterate” and we would print his name here but we’re afraid someone might read this to him.

When asked what he would miss most about working for the Every Three Weekly, King replied, “the staff meetings, the editor meetings, the layout sessions, issue distribution, and new-writer recruitment,” as well as everything else that wasn’t related to that University-mandated sensitivity training. He added that he wanted to thank everyone who had made his three years with the paper so memorable.

At press time, King wished the future leaders of the Every Three Weekly great success and was actively trying to figure out how to stop writing in news-story mode.

Originally Published: Apr 2013

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