The Eternal Farewell

I am no different than the Safe Sex Store, the Village Apothecary, or the Amer’s in the Michigan Union. I was around for a while, shared what I had to offer with a community, added some value to people’s lives, but eventually had to go.

You probably didn’t even remember that there was an Amer’s in the Michigan Union. And that makes me even more like the Amer’s in the Michigan Union, or like the Mrs. Field’s in the Michigan Union, or like the Pizza Hut Express in the Michigan Union: my presence in your life was transient and forgettable and will be replaced to your complete indifference. I added no longstanding value to your life, like every other writer in Every Three Weekly history.

Like the Taco Bell in the Michigan League, I will be forgotten with time as the cycle of replacement continues. Unlike the Taco Bell, however, I will not be missed in the meantime. Farewell.

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