To Be Honest, I’ve Always Preferred Groove

I’m sure this won’t come as a shock to my cohorts on this paper, but The Every Three Weekly has always been a distant second in my heart to Groove. It’s been fun being a writer, and being an editor has given me the unique opportunity to force through old articles that failed to get published earlier in my writing tenure. But Groove was my first and greatest love, my home, and my soul.

Now, I’m not denying it was cool to see articles I wrote amass hundreds of likes online. It was always a good time in the writers’ room, pitching and revising articles with 25-odd of the funniest people on campus. I mean, not ComCo-level funny, but still. I remember how stoked I was when I got the acceptance email, and how grateful I’ve felt to be a part of this paper ever since.

But if I had to choose between my two student orgs, I’m going to choose Groove 11 times out of ten, eight days a week. The E3W staff are some cool people I’m glad I know; Groove is my family. Publishing articles is a cool feeling; performing for a sold-out Michigan Theater is straight-up incomparable. I’ll look fondly back at my time on the paper; no longer having Groove in my life is going to give me an existential crisis.

I don’t mean this as a shot to my fellow writers, past or present. If you ever saw me having a good time at a meeting or at one of our social functions, I want you to know that that was truly genuine! The fact of the matter is, though, the E3W never truly has and never truly could hold a candle to Groove. It was actually my fellow Groovers my freshman year who encouraged me to apply for The Every Three Weekly! So in a way, all the great experiences I’ve had on the paper are still attributable to Groove.

Damn, I love Groove. Peace out, E3W.

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