On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 12:11 AM, Paul Vites <> wrote:

Ahhhh! Shoot! Hey Marie! Sorry, I totally forgot to get back to you! I was thinking it could be something extremely short, like: “I deny any and all affiliations with the Every Three Weekly, and I do not give permission to use my name in print – Paul T. Vites.” And then you could just print that, with a disgruntled picture of me or something? The joke would be, by quoting me you’re DIRECTLY associating me, as well as having a writer DENY being a contributor! I dunno if you guys would like that or not. It could just be short and sweet and to the point?

Haha, I realize I’ve gotten back to you way too late, so no biggie either way! But just let me know! The angle is: “I’m ashamed,” which is my favorite human emotion to feel/laugh at people for.

Thanks Marie!!!!

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