Graphic Designer? I Barely Know Her!

As we prepare to bid adieu to layout and the pitch meetings I occasionally showed up to, I cannot help but reflect on the journey we have all taken together. Not all of you are graphic designers, but most of you seem pretty cool anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed catering to every goofy little visual you little shits could think of, and I only had to refuse to design a malformed Accutane baby once. We harassed the archery club for being lame-ass nerds together. We took the RAADS-R Autism Screener together and some of us had to do some reflecting on our results.

I do want to take this opportunity to acknowledge my accomplishments and encourage all of you to do the same. It actually takes a lot of skill to photoshop various accessories on animals, buildings, and weather phenomena. Just ask Tomas, who now has four arms thanks to my creative genius. I might not actually know what a TIFF file is, but I can optimize the hell out of a photo if I have the directions open in another window. Unfortunately, my attempts at unionizing my workplace were undercut by the fact that we aren’t employees and do this voluntarily for fun in our spare time.

Also, I don’t like the Gargoyle and the way they make everything so hairy.

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