Having An Accent Is The Only Reason That Strangers Speak To Me

Alright, mate. Sorry, my bad, ‘How’s it going…’ Oh, you noticed my accent. I guess you could tell it’s not American, right. Yeah it’s totally crazy, I’m from like a whole different country that isn’t this one. I know what we should do right now, you should try and copy my accent, do an awful job, and then ask me if you do it better than most other Americans. No, that’s totally my favourite thing to do.

What’s the best thing about living here? That’s such a great broad question that I can’t wait to provide an equally vague answer to. You can go ahead and zone out while listening to the funny sounds that I am making. You met someone from the same place once? Go ahead, ask me if I know them, wouldn’t that be crazy?

You know what, you’ve earned it, you can ask me to say one phrase in my accent and I’ll do it. In return, I’ll probably think up an excuse while I do it and try to end this conversation immediately after that. It was so great meeting you, but I just have to go and relive this interaction three more times today. ‘Later, dude’, ‘Hahaha’.

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