What’s The Square Root Of Numbers?

Hey, sorry this took so long. I’m so glad to have been in Every Three Weekly! You’re all the bomb. Anyway,

When I was in seventh grade I started my first band: The Black Stone Devils. We had a couple of EP’s that we put together on GarageBand, most notably “Lunar Sounds.” Best known for our rendition of Don’t Stop Believing.

Most of my time was spent in the band False Authority, we were pop-punk for woke teens. We released some hits, had a loyal following of our own family members, and entered into some battle of the bands.

That aint nuthin’ compared with my side project though. Cuando Abuse was the Foo Fighters inspired band meant to transcend the bounds of music. We practice once and I don’t think we ever fully transcended. It was fun though, worth it for the experience, ya know!

In college there was Dove Punch, a funkified set of rotating musicians playing everything from trombone to steel drum. I totally of course, A Little Peculiar: The Punks with some Funk. That’s not what I’m here to talk about though, the best band I was ever in played together for one week, and loved for one night only. I’m talking, of course, about Ten Inch Bic.

Thanks Every Three Weekly, this has been awesome!

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