Has Anyone Ever Thought About How Our Dogs Probably All Have Stockholm Syndrome?

Since I joined this paper, I have pitched a headline time after time again, but none of my fellow writers gave it the attention it deserves. So here I am, taking it upon myself, using my senior farewell allotted space to make sure my voice is finally heard: Has anyone else deeply contemplated the fact that all of our dogs probably have Stockholm syndrome and that we are their captors?! 

Really, think about it. We strip this little puppy away from its parents, brothers, and sisters and take it home. Just like that. Never offering a ransom. We’ll sometimes keep him in a cage at night, teach them to urinate on a pad, and even touch them nonconsensually, and within a few days, they learn to love us for years…. But what if their love back is really just a coping mechanism…. That’s all.

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