I Like Coffee. I Like Biking. I Like Comedy.

I like to bike. I like to drink coffee. I like comedy. Here’s how to enjoy those things in Ann Arbor. 

Coffee: I like coffee. Roos Roast is the best. Go to either the roasting plant on Rosewood or the E. Liberty location and order a Rich French Neighbor. It’s very good. 

Biking: I like biking. Here’s my favorite bike route: Start at the corner of Packard and State, then head northbound on State Street until you hit E. Liberty. Take E. Liberty until you reach S. Seventh, then take a right. Follow that to Miller Avenue, then take a left. Ride until you reach Newport Road. Swing a right and take Newport to W. Huron River Drive, where you’ll take another right. Follow that road until it turns into N. Main. N. Main will take you back into town, and from there, you can go where you please. This is a good bike trail. 

Comedy: I like comedy. You can enjoy comedy in Ann Arbor by picking up a copy of The Every Three Weekly and reading it. It’s very funny. I also like to enjoy comedy by attending open mics at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. It’s on Wednesdays and is very funny. Lastly, you can enjoy comedy with your friends. Laugh with them. Joke with them. It is the best feeling in life. It is good. 

This article is not a joke. Don’t expect everything to be funny all the time. These are the things that make me happy. Maybe they can make you happy too if you stop trying to be funny all the time. 

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