I Just Want To Squeeze In One Last Plug For Hamilton Before We All Forget About It

Wow, what a ride it’s been.

When the groundbreaking hiphop musical, Hamilton, premiered at The Public Theater over two years ago, who could’ve predicted we’d have to endure a hundred and four consecutive weeks of being asked “Have you listened to Hamilton?” by every other person with a Spotify account.

Trust me, I’ve heard the fucking musical. And I love it. But when you love something, you’ve got to let it go. Which is why, sensing that this thing is finally losing some steam, I just want to make one last plug before we move on—you’ve got to hear this musical.

From its first few urgent, staccato beats, Lin- Manuel Miranda’s portrait of founding father Alexander Hamilton commands the wonder of audiences. Originally conceived as a breathless three-hour celebration of song, dance, and drama, the show grew to an inescapable twenty-four month cultural obsession. It seems like we’ve all got it out of our systems now, but just to be safe, I’m making this last call for any stragglers. Check out the mixtape while you’re at it.

With the end of Hamilton-mania comes too the end of my reign at The Every Three Weekly— farewells as painful as they are necessary in ensuring that up-and-coming satirists and creative works get the shot they deserve, however inferior they may be—I’m looking at you, La La Land.

Being a part of this paper has shown me what it feels like to match wits with people at my level, people I admire so highly for their humor, thoughtfulness, intellect, and warmth – all qualities Miranda has woven effortlessly into his latest masterpiece. I know if I can find something like this again—be it another campus rag or Tony-Award sweeping sensation – well, then, as Eliza (beautifully embodied by Phillipa Soo) says—that would be enough.

Hamilton and I? Don’t you worry about us.

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