Joining This Paper Was A Life Changing Experience That I Might Never Recover From

Josh Savitz

When I first started writing for The Every Three Weekly, I could never have anticipated the many ways that this experience would fundamentally alter the way I approach my day to day procedures. Although corny it may sound, joining this paper significantly changed my life. As I near graduation, I just hope it isn’t permanent. 

Just days after the first pitch meeting, I started to notice that my perspective and general outlook had both changed dramatically. I felt like a completely different person, and this transformation was reflected in the way that I treated others and carried myself in the public sphere. But at the end of my tenure with the Every Three Weekly, as I look back at this experience in its entirety, I am admittedly terrified that I will never be the same again. 

When my friends ask me what it’s been like to write for the campus’ most revered satirical paper, I tell them openly and honestly, “It’s been life-altering. Earth-shattering.” But I am more reluctant to share, however, that I may never escape the consequences that years of trauma induced by this newspaper have produced.

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