No One Ever Complimented My Every Three Weekly Sweatshirt

As I end my college career, I want it to be known that not once during my time on this paper did anyone come up to me and say they liked my sweatshirt. 

Never did anyone bother to approach me and say, “Hey, I love The Every Three Weekly! You guys are really funny! Also, that sweatshirt looks really good on you!” 

I don’t think I was asking for much, even just a “Nice sweatshirt!” or a “Keep up the good work!” would have sufficed. 

Week after week, month after month, I toiled tirelessly, pouring my heart and soul into these papers, making amazing friends, and spending time doing something I love. All for one reason and one reason only: so that someone would compliment my sweatshirt. 

But no. Every day I would wear my apparel, hoping for recognition that never came. I thought this was a reasonable wish, but apparently the love and support of adoring fans just wasn’t meant for me. 

In the end, was making all those fond memories worth it despite not receiving a bit of validation from random people on the street? Probably not.

Oh well, at least I got this cool sweatshirt. 

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